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It has been a few weeks since I last made a post to my blog. I have been experiencing a large dosage of writers block that won’t let me focus on creating an article for longer than 2 minutes and 47.23 seconds. I normally need a little more time than that before I am satisfied. Thus I have decided to take a mini break from trying to educate myself on financial matters and turn to other topics for a short period of time. Hence this little post.

I may have mentioned this already in a previous post but I was starting to plan a trip back out west to Fernie, British Columbia. A beautiful, little mountain town where two of my good friends live. These two friends also happen to be moving back to Ontario, our home province, so I decided I would tag along for the trip. Two of us being men, not a lot of planning has happened between us other than, “I will fly in to BC on April 13th” “OK cya there”. Done. Planned. Deal with it. This guy and I have a history of making many of these perfect plans that always lead to wild and incredibly stupid adventures. Fernie

The other half of our magnificent plan is to hang out in Fernie for a few days of skiing and chillin’ like villians. This will be followed by packing a car full of their belongings and a dog and driving back to Ontario, camping along the way. I have no idea what the weather will be like, so, true to myself, I will likely under pack and freeze but that is a risk I am willing to take! I am also hoping I can make a trip up to Edmonton or Calgary to watch the Oilers (my favourite NHL team) in a playoff game but who knows if that will work out.

This trip will allow me to visit Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the only two provinces I have never been to. This will also finally allow me to check off all of the provinces and the Maritimes on my quest to visit every province and territory of Canada.

If you, or someone you know has driven to Ontario from out west do you have any must sees or recommendations on places to eat or anything really I should be looking into? I would love to hear anything at all!

I hope you will all forgive me for taking a step back from the financial portion of my blog and go on this little tangent.


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  1. Here’s a few for you to Google:
    – Fort Walsh National Historic Site, Maple Creek, SK / Cypress Hills
    – Spirit Sands, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, MB — “The Carberry Desert”
    – CFB Shilo is near Spruce Woods; features the Royal Cdn Artillery Museum if you like guns
    – I’d like to see Grasslands National Park at Val Marie SK; maybe you would, too

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