On this page I will be adding multiple tools that I have researched and put together to assist you along your path to becoming debt free and achieving financial independence.  They will help you create a budget, organize credit card payments, as well as assist you in setting up financial goals to crawl out from under debt. I will add more as I move along and create them to suit my own needs. I am currently working on one that helps with organizing your credit card debts and which to focus on first with your payments!

If you can think of any tools you would like to see added send me an email and I will get right on it!

Monthly Budget

The Monthly Budget tool lets you input your average monthly income, expenses, and savings to help you layout where your money is going and possibly making some cuts to be able to save more. I recommend using an app like Mint or PocketGuard to assist with getting your average spending habits.

Loan Amortization

The Loan Amortization tool is a very helpful one. With the focus being on mortgages, this tool allows you to input the term of your loan up to 30 years, interest rate, cost of home and the down payment percentage. With this information it gives you a monthly minimum payment, total payments over the length of your term, a schedule showing how much money pays off the principle balance of your home and how much pays off the interest. I have also added a function that allows you to add extra monthly payments and informs you on how much interest you are saving, as well as adjusting the term length accordingly. CHECK OUT THE INTEREST CHARGES!!!


This tool is not my own but I am trying to make something similar to it. Using this “calculator” you can determine which payment method is best for you to help pay off your debts. Simply input your data into the fields and choose one of the several payment options in the dropdown menu and you will see how much money you can save following them!

Play around with the tools to get a better understanding of how your money is being put to work for you. Hopefully they can make your own financial journey a bit easier as they have mine. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to resolve your issue.