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This is what this blog is all about. GOALS! I will be setting multiple financial goals and working to accomplish them while tracking them along the way. I am going to outline the goals that I have set for myself and make a simple plan to accomplish them for each goal. A great practice to accomplish any long term goal is t form a bunch of short term goals. Short term goals allow you to accomplish little objectives and keep your motivation going strong by doing so. Before you know it you will be waltzing past your previously set long term goal. Each goal you obliterate you should reward yourself. A little incentive goes a long way!

My ultimate long term goal is to have my investments and passive income generate enough wealth that they can pay for my living expenses and bare necessities.


With the New Year off to a nice start I decided to revisit my goals that I had set for myself back when I first started this blog. Ultimately this blog’s purpose was to hold me accountable for my spending and force me to start making positive financial decisions. My blog has done exactly what I had hoped it would. Making my finances public has made me more conscious of every dollar spent, invested and saved. I was able to meet a few of my goals and even surpass a few. With that being said, I have now set new goals for this year, will show the progress I made on last years goals and create some pretty green progress bars that take me about 3 seconds to produce. So appreciate those. You’re welcome.


Previous Goals

Save $5000 for my emergency fund

Pay off as much student debt as possible (not a very good goal but it worked well)

Invest $5000 by the end of the year (2016)



$3,421/$5000 saved for my emergency fund (I was up to $4,500 but had to use it)

$8,814.41 of my student paid off

Invested $8,351.99 in 2016

As you can see I met and surpassed my investment goal, was able to pay off just over $8,000 on my student loan and didn’t meet my emergency fund goal.

Now onto this years goals!



Pay off $15,000 of student debt. Starting at $34,145.59


Invest $15,000 into ETFs. Currently have $14,306.13 with Wealthsimple.


Increase Total Net-Worth by $45,000. Currently -$15,180.34


Save $5,000 for a new used car starting at $0.00


Track Expenses for the full year.