April 2017

April 2017

Merry May everyone! I hope everyone had their taxes filed before the deadline and are expecting a tax refund in a few weeks. I have already received my tax return, which greatly helped me improve my net worth for another consecutive month! I missed a week and a bit of pay due to the vacation I took. This month I opened an account with Questrade and will be writing a review of the platform as I explore the features more. I think that is basically it for my financial update.

I recently returned from my trip out to British Columbia, and as promised, it was not planned very well! It was fun nonetheless. I started my journey by flying out of Toronto to Calgary, then from Calgary to Cranbrook, BC where my friend was waiting to pick me up. British Columbia is easily my favourite place to be any time of the year. There was so much wildlife surrounding all the roads as opposed to Ontario where you are lucky to see a few deer.

I spent 5 days in Fernie, BC where I went on daily walks, frequent bar nights to cheer on my Edmonton Oilers and a concert on the closing day of the ski hill. Next we headed to Lloydminster, Alberta to visit some of our friends. It is neat how the town is split right on the Saskatchewan and Alberta border. We spent a few days there then had to head back to Ontario so I could work again that Tuesday. We ended up driving straight from Lloydminster. I doubt I would willingly do that again. I took my shift for driving at night and it seemed every animal I thought was cool during the day had an evil glint in there eyes as they prepared to jump in front of our vehicle. It took us around 35 hours to drive the whole way and we arrived a day early so I could do a whole lot of nothing. Perfect.

Assets April 1st, 2017 May 1st, 2017 Change
Cash $3,767.05 $4,130.53 +$763.48
Emergency Fund $3,657.52 $2,742.98 -$914.54
RRSP $12,438.93 $12,752.71 +$313.78
TFSA $3,773.85 $3,820.31 +$46.46
Questrade TFSA N/A $1,715.26 +$1,715.26
Lending Loop $621.99 $630.52 +$8.53
Other $800.00 $900.00 +$100.00
Total $25,059.34 $26,692.31 +$1,632.97
Student Debt $29,849.86 $29,929.46 -$79.60
CIBC Credit Card $121.23 $0.00 +$121.23
AMEX Card $228.05 $0.00 +$228.05
Total $30,199.14 $29,929.46 +$269.68
Net-Worth -$5,139.80 -$3,237.15 +$1902.65





4 thoughts on “April 2017

  1. There’s got to be some goo alternatives to Questrade nowadays. I used Questrade for two years before I decided I didn’t like losing money anymore and switched to WealthSimple robo investing. I was trying o pick tech stocks. Wasn’t great at it. Now I’m tempted to get into the marijanna/crypto-currencies. But Questrade’s $5USD per trade always seemed steep to me…

    1. There are a couple alternatives but one of the major pluses with Questrade is that purchasing ETFs through them is free. There is a fee to sell but when you buy and hold for the long term it or make frequent purchases it saves you that money each time.

      I wouldn’t say I invested money, rather I gambled $350 into cryptocurrency this past week, more specifically Ether. We will see how it goes. It could turn out like Bitcoin or it could fail horrendously. It was more of a little experiment but I doubt I will add any further money to it in the future.

        1. I am still holding at the moment. I was looking at buying a bit more the other day but I have a new house that needs some work done on the basement first. Currently it is sitting at $1460

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