Well here it is. The blog you have all been waiting for even though you may not know it yet. Join me as I start my quest for financial independence. That’s right, I am on the crusade for monetary stability! Tag along as I conquer student debt, build my savings, purchase a few houses, learn the investing lingo and become a multi-millionaire! Okay, maybe the last two aren’t that probable but a guy can hope. I hope you can learn a bit as I attempt each of these feats or laugh at my misfortunes because I know I will.

This blog will be used to track my progress as I chase my goal of becoming financially independent or FI. What is FI? To me FI is being able to generate enough passive income through multiple streams , whether it be rent, investments or this blog, to pay for my basic living needs. Subscribe and watch me go through what many young adults are going through every day as they enter the work force. Tell me your financial stories and you could also be featured on the site!

A little about myself. I am an apprentice elevator mechanic plagued with student debt from a short stint at Wilfrid Laurier University. I played on the rugby team there and was pursuing a degree in psychology before leaving school to go into the trades. I don’t have any form of schooling in finance so everything posted should be taken with a grain of salt. Always consult a financial advisor if you have any questions about your own finances and do your own research!

How ABOUT you check out the rest of my blog! Punny, I know.

I hope you enjoy following along and feel free to send me a message!